Who we are

 Express Tax & Credit Repair is an independent tax and credit repair agency working on behalf of consumers. Our goal, since the beginning, is to provide the most advantageous information and tax and credit services possible. To us, nothing is more important than your financial health and well-being.

We are certified and our agency is affiliated with the NFCC and the IRS AFSP. Our reputation is solid, as we adhere to the strictest standards and guidelines. You can rest assured knowing that we have your best interests at heart.

Let us answer your questions and help you get your financial house in order. Contact our office today and set up a free consultation.


"Express Tax & Credit Repair helped us get out from under all our debt. They sat with us to figure out a budget and negotiated with our creditors. They saved us money and a ton of emotional stress." Susan G.

"All our back and overdue taxes literally made me feel like I was drowning. Express Tax & Credit Repair saved me. They helped restructure my tax obligations and worked with me to create manageable payments. Ironically, I think I owe them more than I do my creditors." Terry M